Wrought iron furniture: cool ideas for different rooms

Collection of wrought iron furniture, iron forged furniture designs for different rooms such as iron forged beds, iron forged misc, iron forged shelves and iron sofas designs as well as cool ideas for different rooms.

wrought iron forged furniture designs for different rooms
Long gone are the days when iron and wood were among the most affordable materials for the manufacture of furniture. Today, in many shops is a huge amount of interior plastic, chipboard, MDF. They are durable and inexpensive, easy to process and are offered in a wide choice of colors, shapes and textures. But it is now that the naturalness of the material has acquired a special value.

Wrought iron furniture is increasingly appearing in the interiors of city apartments. Does she deserve so much attention? Certainly. The only question is how to make this kind of furniture is relevant in compact rooms of our homes. Furniture portal Udobno77.ru offers our readers to take note of a few good solutions for modern apartments.

iron shelves, wrought iron forged furniture designs

Wrought iron bed - it's truly royal bed. The most attractive interior are the subject of this headboard and footboard bed. They can be simple and concise - option for small rooms or laced with exquisite decorative elements - for spacious bedrooms classic.

As a complement perfectly suited forged lamps, stool, dressing table, pouf. Such a bedroom - a sample of the high classical.

wrought iron bed designs, iron forged furniture designs for bedroom

Living room:

It is difficult to imagine this area without a functional sofa. Shod feet on the sofa will give a special style room for receiving guests. Metal is combined with leather and textiles, so upholstery of upholstered furniture can be very different.

Trio - forged a sofa and two chairs - successfully complement the coffee table made of metal, forged floor lamp, bookshelves, wall shelves. Do not be afraid to fill your room with metal objects, as long as one interior combines color and style of furniture.

wrought iron sofas, iron forged furniture designs for living room
Dining area:

Wrought iron Table and chairs with elements of forging - present decoration dining room. But in a small kitchen, where cooking area combined with dining, it is better to exclude this option. First, the metal table and chairs visually too massive. Secondly, the furniture in small kitchens should be compact and mobile, which is not the heavy forged products.

If the square footage of housing can - safely purchase refined table with wrought iron legs and tops to suit your taste. It may be made of glass, stone or wood - all these materials harmonize perfectly with wrought metal.

wrought iron dining chairs ,table, iron forged furniture designs for dining room


Perhaps there forged furniture used least often. But this trend is unfair. For spacious bathrooms forged elements - real decoration. Truly royal interior - tub forged legs, metal shelf under the sink, a mirror framed in a beautiful wrought.

To give even more aristocratic, you can choose forged products, covered with bronze or copper, as well as select taps a similar shade.

wrought iron sink holder, iron forged furniture designs for bathroom

Of course, the metal in the capable hands of a blacksmith takes great shape. Wrought iron furniture will make any room in the house a unique and luxurious. Feel free to experiment! But do not forget: wrought iron furniture - an element of the classics, so when you try to create the interior decor items all stand in an appropriate style.

wrought iron forged furniture designs details

Title: Wrought iron furniture: cool ideas for different rooms
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