Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Small Bedroom

What if you live in a small apartment with a minimalist?. Designing a room with a minimalist interior concept is fun and a challenge, you may perform a variety of ways to decorate the small room to still look beautiful and charming.

With a fresh and harmonious shades, narrow room space feels very comfortable. Without having to widen the room to make room wider.

Style used in the bedroom will be the basis in developing the ideas in the interior, the arrangement of furniture and others.

Whether it will be a classic, contemporary, modern, minimalist or even retro pop, specify the style from the beginning.

For color selection, tend to use a favorite color but must be adapted to the style used. So as to create a beautiful harmony. To enrich the texture color or monochromatic color contrasting accents may be an alternative.

A proper lighting will add comfort in the bedroom. Lighting or natural sunlight or artificial lighting can be designed specifically from the early development.

Lighting effects will give a “soul” into and can be used as a decorative element / interior. After defining the concept and atmosphere, plan to think of finishing materials.

Start by determining the type of flooring. For a warm atmosphere, the bedroom is usually put on the wooden floor (parquet). However, for tile, ceramic, marble or granite also provide a wide selection of styles and colors. After that you can design the style of a small bed room, so be comfortable and cool.


Use a small piece of furniture so that rooms are not full. For example, if you usually use a cabinet with 3 doors, then try to replace it with a 2-door cabinet but has a high up into the ceiling.

Put the furniture in the corners of the room in order to leave space in the middle of the room.

Add small drawers to store your personal belongings. By entering any personal items into the drawer so your room will look more presentable. Use a little trick that every piece of furniture in the room can be used as storage media, such as the area under the bed or under dressers pouf.

Use furniture with a “sliding door” in order to save place when opened. You can also add glass to the bedroom feel more spacious.

For a minimalist bedroom tends to narrow,
do not forget to take advantage of the glass elements on one side
wall that still looks spacious and airy.
Title: Minimalist Interior Design Ideas for Small Bedroom
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